Sunday, December 1, 2019

Hello Christine

Christine sadly Yidan  and TenCent Hong Kong Foundations cancelled education prize giving, and sir fazle abed - world's favorite partner in valuing girls futures went to hospital- so i didnt get to hong kong 
- instead this week i travel to vienna to listen to what people in india see next

So may i try to make introductions before i forget detailed concerns of one and all - if anyone has positive ideas on hong kong - send them to me and will post at one of 20 economist blogs of future places i co-edit (between 1843 and 1993 The Economist was the main east west reconciliation space to send letters to - dont really understand what happened after that -dad's 2 favorite younger journalists jim rohwer "asia rising" and nick colchester head of the EIU events both died suddenly in sporting accidents

Do you use either 
whatsapp -mine +1 240 316 8157 

Have you met Cheng at Brookings or Amitav at American University. Have any of you had a chat or whatsapp with vincent ?

very concerned with latest 2 china moves in response to congress human rights interventions
(i do wonder when usa has only 2 borders one terrifyingly inhuman quite why washington dc is an expert in 16 borders of fifth of worlds youth but then i just come from 5 generations of diaspora scot on both paternal and maternal side who find borders riskiest places in terms of system exponentials)

according to japan tv chinese moves announced 1 december
1 ban us navy from hong kong
2 ban 5 us human rights networks from hong kong


actually i think china is half right in both cases as what congress will never do is let hong kong people cool down for a few months the way i thought we hoped

I think i know some people who may have much netter ideas than me

vincent chang used to be in hong kong shenzen system but is relaunching bangladesh brac sir fazle abed and james grant university systems with ban ki moon and other rational optimists eg jack ma and bill gates already help bra bank for billion poorest women livelihoods bKash | It's that simple 

christina kwauk has 3 family origins american chinese samoa - she coordinates brookings conferences in dc on future of girls and education but her passion is climate and whatever connects her 3 origins

there is one main person at brookings i trust in terms of his his 40 year love of both america and china - namely cheng li- the last time there was any positive hope between east and west was his december 2016 interview with kissinger

I dont understand the single greatest needs of peoples of mainland hk and taiwan but i do understand how the islands of japan and UK messed the whole continent to 1962 and have in not always effective ways tried to give back since-sadly because kennedy was assassinated before the 1964 meeting of prince charles and japan emperor at tokyo olympics 1964 the usa has played a game of solitaire (instead of uniting nations) ever since. Since my father as teen navigated airplanes over modernday myanmar/bangladesh I am aware I would not exist if USA hadnt been who it was 1900 to 1963 but things changed after assassination of both kennedies many black leaders- the hopeless war of vietnam- nixon hating american youth so much that he started poison pill of ever greater student debt.. and whatever else happens when politicians o both sides spend ever more on arms and making health expensive


i love the work of era vogel in that context

probably the person i know who understands asean best is amitav- he mentors both schwarzman scholars out of tsinghua and american university scholars among others

may courage and positive spirits be with all of you - the hardest work is yet to come
one has to assume trump's goal is to cause hatred between every pair of countries in the region the more he loses or wins

those who do not map around that worst likely scenario are not helping youth/girls be the sdg generation -only oriental girls have enough common sense to  humanise tech networks in time-thats   my family mediation hypothesis through 60 years of east west journalism

chris macrae bethesda MD

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