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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

SDG generation: Gamechangng triads and moore

0 Economists (& Exponential System Designers)  inspired by Smith James Wilson Walter Bagehot, Keynes, Schumacher , Popper, Ackoff

1  Teens with extraordinary curiosity: Gandhi, Teenage Jack Ma, Teenage Yunus, Paul Farmer

2 Gamechanging engineers of the 50s : Korolev, Von Neumann, Deming

3 The Games: 1964 Tokyo that nearly united the worldwide JFK Prince Charles Japan Emperor but peaked American Century's advancement of human lot (if only kennegdy had no0t been assassinated in 1963 list every flow that could have been different) - The Games of supercity 2020s - Mayors of Tokyo Beijing Paris (co-sponsirs include Jack Ma , airbnb 1 2)

4 The 50 year mediators 5G to 0G :  Attenborough BBC nature - the only half century of common sense broadcast media the west has achieved:  Brilliant what a medical student can do if he stays lout of debt and his first job is to serve a pop band across continents:  Moore convenor of what will man hub with 100 times more tech analytical capability every decade after whose al.umni silicon valley name was branded;  Schwab  (4 by IR4: beijing san fran tokyo mumbai) 3 by wef (davos-geneva, china and UN-NY), 300 youth global shapers hub- from hosting world economic forum up the nearest ski slpes to geneva to at least 3 sdg world calss summits a year connecting switzerland china an UN NY; with at least 3 Industrial Revolution 4 hubs (Tokyo Beijing San Fran) and over 300 youth global shaper hubs

5a rural keysianism of 70s : borlaug, barefoot medics, unicef james grant
5b The islands that rolled bank Old world Empire : Japan to Taiwan to HK (Ka-Shing) to Singapore Lee Kuan Yew/Mahbubani (to asean)
5c The conglomerates that engineered continental change beyond ;politicians : Keiretsu, Chaebol, Deng's first mega-capitalists
5d Europe's most misunderstood  leaders (Einstein) Monnet Prodi Soros Gorbachev Pope Paul
6 India's greatest non-governmental corporate leaders Tata, Kalam/Nilekani (billion person digital id)
7 Transformative educators before AI ; 5G Education - Montessori, Paulo Freire Csik.. Harrison Owen

8 western tech innovators rooted before 4g mobile : (moore) olsen gates jobs torvaulds case berners lee bezos yang brin
9 eastern tech Ren Ma1 Ma2 Li Lei   
--- G+ operators nordica, masa son, ibrahim

10 unclassifiable quadirs, kai-fu lee , Satoshi various satellite experts (whoemver wins in spaces of aibnb uber wework)

11 Mayors/Governors who get Climate: Bloomberg Schwarznegger Olympic Mayors Tokyo-Beijing-Paris
12 100 years of sino-us scholar celebrations Roosevelt /Yale: Peter Parker  - Vogel - Schwarzman

13 Transforming global goals'  elites - guterres, kim and ban ki-moon, kitsui and amp; head itu,  jin and jin

14 green innovators - Musk, Changsha  Zhang Yue, Green Buildings, Ray Anderson, Neville Williams

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