help link most valuable curricula worldwide -1 since 1945 end poverty system design-keynes and youth surviving ww2 & birth un; 2 since 1955 loving each other nations AS EU AM AF-journalist 0 at birth EU messina; west loves easst from 1962- conside japan and rising of two thirds of humans that mainly british empire excluded from win-win trade; 72 innovate for oorest new money- anything than pare printed by political supreme leaders- also design difference between zero sum currencies eg consumeing things up and win-win eg sharing actionable frontline knhow with every comminuity- 1976 entreprenurial revolution how to go beyong 3 biggest org forms west legalises 1982 intraprenurial redesign of big corportaes- 1984 health as way ahead to track global and digital inclusivity- 1984 all exponential timelines to 2020s celebrating millennials as first sd generation includin triple tranformation of edu- beyond classroom both to servive learning and www zooming. : Timelines for Humans & Machines – 1760 Q smith/watt –Glasgow U can everywhere’s peoples advance human lot with machines?
--2020s decade uniting communities to end viruses & app moore’s law 5g …0g 1970s – by 2030 machines have more analytic but less emotional power than humans- 1945 birth united nations san francisco- tech go post industrial & post-colonial knowhow search with norman macrae Economist post-ww2 sub-ed: end poverty possible if celebrate each others childrens futures. Norman’s experiential learning shaped as child whose dad world was british consular bcAsia 1st survey 62 japan, first job teen navigating planes ww2 over Myanmar ||Americas 1st usa 69 1st LatimAm; 51 interned time-life ; bc brazil 20||bio bon neumann 92 1st survey Russia 64; bc mosow embassy 35; bc&birth konisberg23!! West euro family summer holiday isle aram every 3 years 23-39; Cambridge last class Keynes 45; Economist from 48; only journalist messin birth of EU55 /
Every decade since 1950s my family has published a genre on this is the most exciting decade to be alive that's been true -as well as entrepreneurially transformative - in that we have interpreted gordon moore's 5G 2020s to 0G 1970s countdown until machines emulate human brainpower analytically but not emotionally as setting deadlines for everywhere at least orbiting in exponentially positive directions on each sdg because norman macrae died in 2010, this is the first decade his family and friends have been without his direct guidance< can you help us? if you go to and search you will find about 100 leaders who we believe are at least approximately on orbits that unite our species in celebrating how our children can be the first sd generation- we need your votes for people from every culture who can join in- we also welcome segmented tours - eg which billionaires are helping most? 2020-Although the virus is a fearsome trial we can at least zoom together, and perhaps get back to one of norman's 2 overall hypotheses: 21st c needs to maximise 3 types of lifelong learning virtual classroom and community frontline service- his other hypothesis written in 1984 metrics on health getting more universally affordable would determine whether we were designing global and local connectivity maps in safe as well as growth for all
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Norman Macrae, having survived teenage navigation of RAF planes bomber command world war 2 over modern-day myanmar/bangladesh, joined The Economist in 1949, and retired as the deputy editor of what he called "the world's favourite viewspaper" in 1988. During that time, he wrote extensively on the future of society and the impact of technology. Norman foresaw species sustainability as being determined by post-colonial and virtual mapmaking- 5G 4G 3G 2G 1G 0G if 60s tech could race to moon and Moore alumni promised 100 times more machine intel every decade TO 2025, let's end poverty mediating/educating a world of loving each others' children- so that wherever the next millennials girl is born she enjoys great chance to thrive.

Soon Norman was celebrating his wartime enemy's rising engineers and win-win sme supply chains across far east and very concerned that tod down constitutions english speaking nations led by political bureaucrats wasn't fit for entrepreneurial revolution-he co-opted a young romani prodi to translate Economist 1976 ER survey into multilingual formats

Amongst some of his more outlandish claims: that governments would not only reverse the nationalisation process and denationalise formerly private industries, but would also sell industries and services that had been state operated for so long that it seemed impossible that they could be run by private companies. A pioneer before the pioneers, Macrae imagined privatised and competing telecommunications and utility companies improving service levels and reducing prices.

When others saw arms build-ups as heralding World War III, Macrae predicted the fall of the Berlin Wall by the end of the 1980's.

The Norman Macrae Archive serves as an on-line library, hosting a growing collection of Macrae articles, newspaper columns and highlights from his books. We hope that you find the articles thought provoking and zoom, twitter or question us - norman's son

best wishes


breaking: america's way ahead 45-

XXX what will coalitions of humans learn from 51 weeks of 2020 20 years of 20th c -moore's law 4g 20101.. 1g 1980s 0g 1970s moon 1960s eng 1950s half century of wars 19th century of island empites- scots half century of hope for markets and engines started 170 by glasgow u smithh and watt As far as 5 generations of my family of Diaspora Scots know children are developed the way education and finance and tech are designed - so that their skills sustain vital community markets beginning with health/safety services and clean water and food security..
These are the most exciting times to be alive text +1 240 316 8157

The Economist’s 33 year debate on future of education www and sustainability of being human

dear parents and grandparents- your children and grandchildren are every places' win-win currency -please dont let those whose power comes from fake media or nos-sustainable promises obscure lifes' currency as happiest truth of developing human beings
ABOUT Dad Norman Macrae- served as teen in world war 2 navigating airplanes over modern-day bangladesh- concluded wars would only end if we mapped a post colonial world -200 thriving nations not just G8 empire- Entrepreneurial Revolution 3 editing rules: love each others peoples; end poverty; celebrate Moore Law of tech 5G 4G 3G 2G 1G (2020s-1980s) rising power of machines as statistical and communications tools. Download free Economist surveys of Future we families can choose:

1972 The next 40 years the NEXT 40 YEARS

1976 Coming Entrepreneurial Revolution; 1982's We're All Intrapreneurial Now; 84/85 40 years to sustain us all 2025 Report

English is one of 3 languages "coding" 2020s goals; globally royals value sustainable place "moore": than politicians- how can we help unite and hub teachers and scholars in doing sdgs:solutions in every community_
About Norman Macrae (Family & Diaspora Scot) Foundation & WorldClassBrands & Valuetrue- NM's purpose is to explore loving places peoples (not their bossy politicians nor all of their media-noisysuperstars nor academics wherever they ride student debt) but valuing artistic and hard working communities of people as you might travel- 3g Japan 1962 67
China 77 - 20 more countries from The Economist second half of 20th C : questions rsvp
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Thursday, June 25, 2020

27th annual update - 1984 2025 report - sustainability of tech and humans

economistfuture collaboration searches of 2025 report on edutech healthttech fintech greentech arts/sports - safety/exponential risk economics women and other demographics most excluded by history of man and machine  

contintental views asia 2/3 people othercontients roughly 10% of peoples america europe africa

original book chapters dowloadable free

hello fabrice /marta
look forward to zoom at 11am east coast = 5pm barcelona
unlikely need this zoom info  Meeting ID: 769 647 7322  Password: camilomart

i  most want to listen to the two of you- fabrice/marta- as people celebrating dual languages to help youth and communities transform sustainability

in addition my other questions might be
1 how can all our new york friends including those of connect together round everything dual languages open up -eg do dual language heroes already interact with the leader soros trust his education legacy to both uniting 30 plus colleges including tufts talloire and with brooklyn as his main lab for new 11th/12th grade high schools - my friend sir fazle abed had spent much of his last 7 years preparing brac university as its legacy-

2 i live just outside beltway- dc has been a nightmare for collaboration- any advice on whos who in dc or maryland beyond the politics would help - my daughter studies french and education at uni of maryland - is there anyone at umd or french speaking embassies or pi delta phi who most supports fabrice's bilingual revolution?- i know president macron spoke 2017 at un education commission of my compatriot gordon brown but not sure where that went;

3 sadly from  volunteer work as emotional intelligence sig editor at eu knowledgeboard and 5 trips to paris from 2008 i find that  although hec-danone launched yunus global social business partnerships in 2005 and tried to replace microcreditsummit with annual convergences neither france nor the european union nor clintons nor queen sofia understood fazle abed's far deeper partnership contributions than yunus to billions of poorest asian women -arguably only netherlands of the founding eu6 did
 i know the taiwanese-chinese american vincent chang who sir fazle appointed as vice chancellor- they have just launched buX as their own edx- wonder how to get multiple dual languages into women empowerments deepest sdg solutions

4 is there a worldwide association of dual -either generally on specific challenges such as ban ki-moon's - climate, and local-global civic engagement - while the world of learning is virtual i have found startupgrind is helping youth connect- as i linkin grind hosts i ask the about dual language - eg this just in from georgia Dual Language Immersion Programs in Georgia -as well as peoples of latin languages and nations bordering eu, friends and  i are desperately seeking connectors of hong kong as the dual language nation we all need to friend particularly as both ten cent and jack ma link edutech out of hk;

 5 because my father norman macrae at economist earned japan emperor order of rising sun for connecting east west since 1962! japan society in new york usually listen to ideas on possible agenda to host; i have a lot of musical friends without borders; my most trusted neighbor is prof acharya -in normal years he spends a month at tsinghua coaching schwarzman scolars and those who want to use dual languages to be youth ambassadors

Faculty Profile: Amitav Acharya - American University

Amitav Acharya is the UNESCO Chair in Transnational Challenges and Governance and Distinguished Professor at the School of International Service, American ...

6 on virus where over 75% of infected people have no symptoms  i far prefer jim kim work without borders to whats spinning now across americas; i dont see colleges starting up again on continent of america until vaccine comes - delighted to be wrong but as a statistician when politicians dont permit relevant data collection i wonder where can we unite mathematicians of sustainability exponentials as well as dual languages-oddly enough in helping dad research biography of john von neumann that was jvn's last area of research which he entrusted to yale

best   whatsapp +1 240 316 8157 washington dc/md/va region
from our 1984 maps
Chapter 6 future of finance and tech- By 2005 the gap in incomes and expectations of rich and poor nations was recognised to be man's most dangerous problem.

chapter 8 only education and tech can humanise ai in time for 2020s to be little sisters best of times not worst big brothers worst of times
special tribute to norman macrae foundation greatest hero of last 75 years who died 20 dec 2020 sir fazle abed brac without whom a billion asian girls lives would never have blossomed, and without whose community health networing solutions our species probably wont pass natures final exams

Sunday, June 7, 2020

because dad had served in world war 2, as teenager navigating air planes over modernday myanmar/bangladesh- dad followed the un fro his desk at the economist and likeminded friends

two things were needed as soon as possible- the largest economies needed to get back to production but as soon as this was in motion they needed to help design world trades that went beyond the colonial age designed for a few empires to advance and most of the world's people to remain undeveloped eg without access to electricity grids

new technologies should be identified so that post-colonial was sustained by post-industrial win-wins

in under 15 years 4 transformative possibilities had been identified

two although american in origin fascinated japan in particular because it could see how it could help all asians - over 60 of the world win-win with them
1 demings better way of producing engines
2 village knowhow netwrking- borlaug's crop science aplied to rice could deliver a billion people from the risks of famine
3 von neumann developed progamable computer and a few years later alumni ogordon moore committed to innovating 100 times more analytical capability of silicon chips every decade until 2020s wen 1 dollar chip would theoertically have more analytic capability than the human brain
4 connectivity of the telecoms satellite - which meant that early21st c humans would be mobile connected from alll over earth

extra note 3 - many of east europe's and the world's best mathematicians had emigrated to usa in 1930s including einstein and von neumann- amongst his many invention einstein developed a maths of systems, that there is always more to innovarte than an's science can see- namley by modeling interctions at more detale micro level that had previously been assumed possible