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Purpose: through collaborations 1, we aim to explore 3 SYSTEM Mapping Questions more openly than anywhere else:
  • Z: what did keynes mean by increasingly only a handful of economists rule over what futures are possible?
  • Y: if keynes is right how do teachers and students study ethical economists/professions most concerned with sustaining every next child born
  • XX: can millennials superstar influencers partner those empowering younger half of world to be first sustainable generation?
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    Wednesday, July 28, 2021


    having created a deep community data and partnership space 5.1 for solving 100000 bangladesh villagers life or death questions - a puzzle abed faced was how to share this with the next billion women who wanted to end extreme poverty

    the british empire - god bless it- had dealt bangladesh every shortest straw in the playbook of being colonised; it had drawn up national borders so neighbors hated each other locking bangladesh out from friendships; it had authorised pakistan to rule over the land of the bangla peoples from the partitioning of 1948- this was especially crazy-making as west pakistan was over 100miles separated by india
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    fortunately the continent most loving health care missionaries and expert epidemiologists joined in - read harvrad's marta chen's book quiet revolution - and fortunately unicefs jsmes grant so became the leader of the band - both chinese and bangladesh women can win-win adding 20 years of life expectancy to children born in villages

     they wanted to see oral rehydration save both china's and bagladesh 's infants- china of 1975 was so happy that somwhere shared solutions its village women needed to lify up halk the shy that china and abed shared the deepest end poverty data and solutions at every women empowereg leap forward from 1975 to 2019

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