Saturday, July 31, 2021

the 3rd version of began at 9/11- what if the younger half of the world needed one shared university of ending poverty and other urgent sdgs- which youth would have the time and celebrity to mediate what global alumnisat can do.. by 2003 youth and a few peace laureates organised for mary robinson to lead london global reconciliation spaces, and in 2004 we participated with 1000 gandgians at indira gandhi's conference centre in delhi's parliament distrct...

the best answer emerging from grounding 20 years research-  TO support millennials greatest heroic connections with how all youth spend time on sustainability's action learning - HELP superstars or budding superstars - not all stars but those who want to prep a new second life to be even more exciting and humanly relevant than their first life

most sports and drop dead gorgeous IDOLS' careers have a limited lifetime- by all means some stars will want to retire from public scrutiny, others may continue to coach next superstars but are there others who could apply their stardom to something which makes them even greater heroines or heroes of their generations dreams?- and if there are when and how do they have time and freedom to learn that second life?

in 2020s we are down to the wire, the last olympics torch relay even - for example some retiring superstars are the only ones who can help design curriculum of mental health when all the world's responsibilities are on your shoulders as 7.5 billion humans are in covid world war 3 to 2025 or later; and only they can unite students worldwide to lead their youth's purpose as the sustainability generation

the co-creation of universityofstars needs various movements to come together- ideas for worldwide youth collaborations are not complex but 99% of old power isn't a true fan of the younger half of the world with this one amazing exception

a few vicechancellors who are happy that their studnents ad fascult share every main sdg solution starting with the new health agendas ranging from mental health to vaccinating 7.5 billion peoples simultaneously

a few superstars who have eg completed theit last olympics and want to retreat together and with the most respectul coaches needed to turn their questions on the future including their own happiness into answers their fans can fan!

it would help if ed mr bach did the right thing in clarifying future olympics schedules but in reality every world sport admin needed to transform - since tennis is a sport that wouldnt exist in its current form without royal families - royals and naomi osaka could unite in choosing both new adminstration for the sport and eg asking the un where tennis ambassadors can most help

if you have ideas on universityofstars- any culture is welcome that's the first thing we dialogues since 9/11 with medics and other students on global gap years and in strange forums like the eu's knowledge management as requested by nurses across europe- we were closed down by brussels in 2004 for making too transformative demands - shame?!

we welcome otherideas for new university move,emts - a billion poorest asian wone started their own dialogues on this in 2001- so far their progress is at and this linkedin summary page- scheduling where new universityofstars turn up at world events like c0-26 glasgow november is a challenge if you are up for that

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