Thursday, August 20, 2020

update on death of british broadcasting corporation and world service

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if the bbc had lived up to being the peoples most trusted large scale media it would have investigated covid differently

for example when taiwan was the first to shut its airport due to covid the bbc would have asked for the reasoning and found out that taiwan virologists knew covid would be a pandemic-in other words taiwan health servants had followed up bush's 2005 urgent pleas whereas english speaking technologists had not- this in spite of choosing by virologist larry brilliant -the man who ended smallpox in asia -in days when every trace was manual-  as its first leader but then failing to design big data around their promise to him-

or the bbc could have worked out -as indeed had gandhi since 1906 and einstein's direct advocacy of gandhi's values since the 1930s =  that because inequality was still embedded in legislation systems both sides of the atlantic globalisation was at risk of spinning through big gov and big corporate to trap the majority of peoples lives in the whims of the few richest- eg oxfam less than 20 richest men own more and have more decision making power than the bottom 3 billion beings- when you understand the system tech has spiralled around us its not surprising the sdgs are greenwashed by the biggest decision makers instead of action learned in 21st c schools as new curriculum that could have been zoomed from sources most deeply solving each goal- eg fazle abed goals 1 to 6 resolved by worlds poorest women and those who chose to partner sir fazle abed eg soros, gates, jim kim, jack ma... all of whom met because jim kim helped harvard see that at least on global health evet-rything it modelled was based on exclusion not integration of lives matter

the death of the bbc started soon after world war 2 when politicians stole the media the people funded - more here

seattle1995 was the first time a tech model to take over the world was relentlessly brainstormed both by americans and chinese- the chinese model valued lives matter and so ecommerce as integrates with postal infrastuctures - the american model did not- again the bbc could have kept asking the same question as pepleget linkedto billion times more powerful electonic apps of you've got mail- does real mail still matter, and does the capture of all the virtual data tagged by your gps and other identities need to be owned by the peoples

of course those diding with trump's decopuling od asian and american tech have become more powerful than any slave owner ever was- its a shame that the english speaking people when it comes to media have not been blessed by god but been bought out by those who play emtotional hatred games to divide and conquer

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