Wednesday, November 3, 2021

cop26 chat among adam smith editors of journal of new economics

 If you meet anyone Japanaese please ask them if they know delegate Naoko Ishii i have sent this message to her institute of futures in tokyo- she contributed japan view at gzero zoom yesterday Hello my father sub-edited The Economist for 50 years - from 1962 he argued (consider Japan) that your nation offered the most sustainable worldwide models. Please could you ask Naolo Ishii  (wonderful Gzero views) to email me - My family lives in Washington DC so I am not in Glasgow but since father's death a network of Adam Smith Scholars at Glasgow University connect most of his western explorations of the future. I would like to introduce each other. Fathers biography of John Von Neumann has just been published in Japanese. This can help people who want to understand his influence on western futurists

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the world is most likely to go above 2.5 degree warming

the world will not go above 2.5 degrees warming

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