Tuesday, August 24, 2021

short tour to adam smith's 5 societies - where morals drives economics not vice versa

 0 in 1758 smith wrote the last book on rural era (before machine)- he defined a morally conscious market to be where enough buyers, sellers, circular supply chain connectors had information on prices and quality both in terms of what product safely does to immediate consumer and society across generations- adam smith did not say that man naturally designed free markets - scotland was 50 years into being colonised by london whose capitalist marketers smith recognised as slave traders (or in scots case pressgang operators), trigger-happy genocide colonisers; who exponentially added costs /poverty trapped peoples 

1 as glasgow university colleague james watt became the worlds first engineer - smith wrote the first 20 years of economics questions and answers in the age of machines

as smith did not trust london capitalists he advised engineering inventors to go to the usa but wherever they settled and scaed -engineering entrepreneurs please demand not just end of slavery but end of markets that see workers as costs to minimise rather than partners in continuous innovation in advancing human lot everywhere you invention is app'd- 

adam actually wanted scotland to declare itself a united state free of london but as america declared independence in 1776, scots got left out ij the cold- indeed london started thinning scots telling/taxing land owners they made more money quarterly from sheep than humans

we believe it makes sense to catalogue the first 2 industrial revolutions as ir1 about energy   ir2 about whether communications connect people in love or hate - as one example hitler used the seemingly small advantage of audio recorder to propagate hate whereas as his opponents including english speaking world of the 1030s had to make each radio speech live (one at a time)

whilst there is no doubt that usa was thegreatest ir1 engineer 1900 to 1960 - it is not clear why american de3mings ir1 advances were rejected in usa, and from 1960 anyone who studies american media will see terrifying mistakes if  collaboration in human wellbeing is the purpose of communities and communications

apart from mad men the world wars had root causes in white empires abut 15% of peoples not sharing machines openly with asians or africans or latin americans - about 80% of humans therefore advanced little from 1760 to 1945

in addition new tech races best understood from von neumanns lifetime were ro make industrial revolutions 3 and 4 shape unprecedented change from neumanns death in 1957- this seemed to start joyfully with youth being assigned the1960s goal to code moon landing but with 100 times more analytic tech every decade to 2020s back from 1960s (thats 100 trillion times moore - 5 4 3 2 1 0 00) the2020s were due to be sustainability last decade unless we married artificial intel and human intel to support every next childs life time skills, jobs, happiness - by 2020s real time goverance of data streaming in from every gps is impossible manually but easy for computer algorithms wherever linking every tech advance intel 58 smart gps device incuding droness safe cyber and safe biotech and 3d printing - and 5 senses virtual engagement...  for more on questioning timelines see 50 years of journalism by norman macrae at the economist including biogpraphy of von neumanns- and generation futire histories - eg 1972 next fort years exponentials to 2012 or 1984's 025 report updated annually to sweden's new vikings 1993

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