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how china is using app to contain virus

i come from a family who values journalists for humanity - i like china's tian wei, and i find japanese nhk english channel journalists put the bbc to shake- a huge pity as its the biggest ever investment in media owned by the people- as for americans daring to see the world from all lives matter i can recommend checking out robert kuhn's curiosity - for over 20 years closer to the future of everything on pbs as well as china on cgtn

leaders of places who on racist grounds prevent studying something that works to save human lives need to be cast aside if our species is to be sustainable - learn what effective virus tracing takes in a nation with 1.5 billion people and about 16 borders

 tian wei interview jun 2020 with a government engineer

00:00 welcome back this is a world insight: i'm  tian wei; China seeks to jumpstart the  economy with the so called the new infrastructure  - a pump priming effort to get people back to  work

 unlike traditional infrastructure such as railways highways and airports this celebrates infrastructure such as data centers -
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earlier I talked to Professor Joe  Hammond the standing committee member of  the Chinese People's Political  Consultative Conference our CPPCC, he's  also the vice chairman of China national  democratic construction Association: he said we were entering the data era and 00:37 how is China gonna do it let's listen 00:43 you are very concerned about how the 00:45 system work in terms of contact tracing 00:49 you propose the green tag which we have 00:53 now on our mobile phone and hope that 00:56 could be the way tell me more about that 01:00 all right 01:02 people are very creative you're in the 01:06 whole process of fighting against virus 01:10 we will use the internet to contact 01:16 people to release necessary information 01:20 and also to give pre warnings of all the 01:28 things should be warm to people however 01:32 such kind of very important 01:36 infrastructure based upon data is also a 01:42 big concern people because people think 01:46 about the protection of privacy of 01:50 citizens I think this is truly need to 01:55 be raised that's why during the previous 01:59 two sessions 02:01 I personally proposed we need to speed 02:07 up the implication of the legal system 02:12 for protection of data online and this 02:17 time I proposed again in another way 02:22 because now we have a new term they're 02:25 all used in China we call new 02:29 infrastructure constructions frankly 02:33 it's a kind of construction of 02:36 infrastructure itself however at the 02:39 same time it's brand-new and that's why 02:45 I proposed that we need to first work 02:52 out a standards for such kinds of new 02:56 construction offer infrastructure 02:58 secondly to build up new legal framework 03:04 to protect the privacy of citizens and 03:08 thirdly those enterprises involving in 03:13 the construction themselves should have 03:16 a kind of decent ethics they need to 03:21 follow as enterprises only with all 03:25 joint efforts in those three ways I 03:28 think we can find these solutions mr. 03:32 Cho talked about the legal framework now 03:35 how far are we from that legal framework 03:38 you talked about protecting people's 03:40 rights while at the same time make sure 03:42 at a time of public health crisis we can 03:45 use this tool well so how far are we 03:48 from that legal system so far as legal 03:52 system is concerned we started from 03:55 almost nothing when the opening the 03:58 policy adopted in 1978 through the very 04:05 I will say big efforts by the People's 04:11 Congress and all related fields of 04:15 people a legal framework is there at 04:20 this time a very big issue on the agenda 04:24 for both People's Congress and CPPCC is 04:29 a passing of course by the National 04:32 People's Congress the first Civil Code 04:35 of China 04:37 after the formation of the People's 04:40 Republic this civil code in the only 04:46 piece of law in China up to today 04:49 were they the framework as a code 04:54 it's a code meaning it should be 05:02 covering all necessary areas possible 05:09 for instance in protection of property 05:14 no matter is realistic it's no Mobile's 05:22 or mobile properties or intellectual 05:28 properties the issues of wills it issues 05:38 marriage the issues of protection on the 05:43 very basis of ports so and so forth all 05:47 those are legal terms including a well 05:51 protection of privacy of those 05:56 information used by internet so my 06:03 answer to your question is first the 06:06 legal framework is there secondly it 06:09 needs very big amplification yourself 06:13 sterling we need something new for 06:16 instance be personal information going 06:21 through the internet is something to be 06:25 protected and up to today there's a 06:29 moral law more than meaning in coverage 06:33 the degree of authority all there is 06:40 a law for the protection of private 06:43 information as fight EU I think EU this 06:49 very interesting and important piece of 06:53 legislation could be not something we 06:58 just take as granted but it takes 07:03 seriously and we will well use illegal 07:07 doctrines there for a part of the 07:11 thinking of a legislation 07:16 as a result of the pandemic and also 07:20 trade wars we've seen the economy's 07:22 future uncertain even though we are very 07:25 confident about the potential mr. Joe 07:28 about that area do you have some 07:31 insights to share with us a pandemic is 07:37 the most serious issue or human beings 07:44 some people quote another kind of world 07:51 war without visible enemies I do agree 07:59 he had an ik will go on for certain pair 08:04 of a time days weeks months or years 08:12 frankly no one knows of course there are 08:18 five types of technical approach to 08:24 conduct research and the production of 08:29 vaccines still only with a human use 08:38 could we understand and realize which 08:43 one is truly valuable and useful in 08:48 their sense we need to put the control 08:55 of the expression of the virus together 09:00 with the protection of the health of 09:02 human beings 09:04 into a mind as a long-term battle it's a 09:11 long-term battle then we need to very 09:16 well try our best to reopen a society 09:23 not as status quo but as a protected 09:28 society that's why in such a battlefield 09:34 we have two battles the first period is 09:39 we'll use all resources necessary to 09:43 fight against the expression of the 09:45 virus in a second we use all the means 09:50 to reopen a market to rejuven isle nice 09:57 bitty economy only in that way I will 10:03 say people can feel it's still a hope 10:09 and hope is to help us Up next

how youth china entrepreneurs are coping with livelihoods june 2020
"tian wei"cgtn Avatar image 14:23 / 39:53 CGTN is funded in whole or in part by the Chinese government. Wikipedia World Insight Special – Jobs: The Big Test 602 views•Jul 4, 2020 21 2 SHARE SAVE CGTN 1.75M subscribers How are bright young Chinese, fresh out of college, and many overseas, coping with a global crisis? Their career prospects and sacrifice in their own words, in today's edition of World Insight "Jobs: The Big Test." Subscribe to us on YouTube: Download our APP on Apple Store (iOS): Download our APP on Google Play (Android): Follow us on: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: Weibo: Douyin: 4 Comments chris Macrae Add a public comment... Walter Blumenthal Walter Blumenthal 1 week ago ❤️ Master of Freedom Master of Freedom 2 weeks ago 共匪 Z Z Z Z 2 weeks ago Can't take the truth, so you erase my message huh? 1 Transcript 00:02 [Music] 00:13 on today's world inside right young 00:17 Chinese fresh out of college 00:19 many will receive how are they coping to 00:22 the global crisis their career prospects 00:25 and sacrifice to their own word in 00:28 today's edition jobs the big tech and I 00:33 know how much in instant so I have to 00:36 advocate and helping them 00:40 [Music] 00:50 hello I'm Kim way and this is world 00:53 insight in Beijing the uncertainty is 00:58 the logic of a world today and things 01:01 have becoming particularly challenging 01:03 with Kobe 19 this is a difficult year 01:07 for all of us but have you ever imagined 01:10 what about those graduating from 01:13 University this year this is exactly the 01:16 first chapter of real life they have to 01:19 face what are they thinking and how are 01:22 they planning for their future there's 01:24 no better way than directly talking to 01:28 some of them and looking for answers 01:30 that's why I'm here in this tiny startup 01:33 company inside Beijing it is run by 01:37 several students fresh out of university 01:40 specializing in providing financial 01:43 services to Chinese overseas students in 01:46 Europe or America however with the 01:48 pandemic the students have all come back 01:51 to China at least some of them and the 01:54 market is gone so how are they going to 01:58 cope with the realities and how do they 02:01 plan for their future let's to talk to 02:04 some of them and find out 02:08 [Music] 02:27 so this is your place yeah we're trying 03:17 to move into the other place since right 03:21 now like this whole office mix only can 03:23 take two how many people's I think so 03:25 for next step we're trying to get a 03:27 place that can hold around 300 to 350 03:30 people so your energy yeah it's hard I 03:44 mean like in pasta like here they try to 03:46 extend the business like like you're 03:48 trying to get more white but like inside 03:51 right now they think the stay focused I 03:53 make the right choice yourself going 03:55 wider they try to go deeper and in this 03:58 way actually 03:59 luckily profit more and acquiring one 04:03 users though yeah so this is the yeah so 04:13 this room like after like two months ago 04:17 like so at that time I barely use that 04:19 so I go out messaging together to 04:22 discuss like you know Jesse is a partner 04:29 okay so all girlfriends become partners 04:32 all the friends become partners yeah but 04:36 would that be more challenging we don't 04:39 working together you know different 04:41 sides of being a friend yes always 04:47 it's a big part of our life my relation 04:52 four hours a day 04:53 yes yes that's PEC a friendship yeah we 04:57 tore this thing office like for Linux 05:01 that every single day it's like never 05:04 leave until 12 o'clock 05:07 his mom's business this is I mean like 05:12 for the original like this is my model 05:17 Thank You beanie actually shift a little 05:19 bit so like in the past they only think 05:22 about tuition payments no this is life 05:24 but start by last year you know not only 05:27 Vista comment like your situation but 05:30 they actually found that the 05:33 relationship between US and China got 05:36 more like the tensions between us I'm 05:38 trying to get more like stress also like 05:43 we can shift the focus not only stay in 05:46 the US but also expand the business into 05:49 the other countries okay yeah yeah yeah 05:53 so right now we are supporting like 17 05:55 countries yes 06:03 yeah yeah like we use like we're going 06:10 to run the like yet the teach like an 06:12 army but like we like it and I like like 06:17 a you know time we actually might know 06:19 based on management book I'm you know 06:21 like the Chinese entrepreneurs like they 06:23 are really good at reading books 06:25 so like it'd be to take some like 06:28 classes and the reader page yeah yeah I 06:40 know that you guys work very hard and I 06:43 know you have also gathered some of your 06:45 friends yes so thank you for arranging 06:51 all these details for coming 06:59 [Music] 07:12 okay so so glad to have all of you here 07:15 with us 07:16 maybe you want to introduce yourself one 07:18 by one toy hey guys I'm told me uh just 07:22 taking a gap year from Harvard Business 07:24 School and right now my friends and I 07:27 are studying up company in the et 07:29 transfer in Beijing and they were able 07:31 to help all the international students 07:34 better to paying their tuitions on 07:35 blogger hello everyone my name is Roger 07:38 and I graduated from Cornell University 07:40 last summer and now I'm I'm in charge of 07:43 the educational institute that in the 07:46 help help overseas students 07:48 transitioning into their role back to 07:51 China and that's what I've been doing 07:52 the past couple of months are you two 07:54 competitors in the way of the world also 07:57 friends at the same time Wow okay 08:01 Phillips higher why my name is Felix I 08:04 just recorded from Columbia University 08:06 this summer and I'm working in the Sonia 08:10 heel-toe I'm Peter 08:12 I just graduated from London Business 08:14 School and now I'm a investment banker 08:16 in China in the International Capital 08:19 Group you're already an investment 08:22 banker the first year coming into the 08:24 company yeah I'm trying to try and be 08:28 trying to be a real one Cecilia hey guys 08:31 I'm Cecilia currently graduated from 08:33 Oxford studying geography and currently 08:36 I'm focusing on doing social 08:37 entrepreneurship education access and 08:39 using media to break that information 08:41 barrier 08:42 okay good to see you Jesse Lohr one long 08:45 time no see yeah Laura I'm Jessie I 08:48 graduated from Cornell University last 08:50 year didn't choose to go to any graduate 08:53 school but joining in easy transfer the 08:56 FinTech company with Tony as his partner 08:58 a side of work also devote my time in my 09:03 NGO Providence Academy to encourage 09:06 overseas student come back to China for 09:08 work or entrepreneurship 09:10 also introducing the development and 09:13 current trends are China to oversee 09:16 student community it's the easy to make 09:19 an impact things are changing so much 09:23 it's changing a lot especially for this 09:27 year you know because the epidemic 09:30 caused a lot of troubles for students to 09:33 travel across the borders but also see 09:36 this as opportunity because we can more 09:39 chance to study online to gain knowledge 09:43 from zoom from thing talk or any other 09:46 platforms I think knowledge should not 09:50 have boundaries and it's opportunity for 09:53 us to cooperate with other universities 09:56 or scholars from other countries to 10:00 develop how we can learn more from each 10:03 others and I think it's a crisis also an 10:05 opportunity for all of us yeah Tony 10:08 obviously our business partner is doing 10:10 good PR obviously so what about I heard 10:15 you screaming oh in the meeting room 10:18 before we start shooting here I'm sure 10:22 that a lot of tough issues you have to 10:23 handle together with Jesse and others 10:25 every day tell me more about that 10:28 yes wholly like I mean like in the past 10:30 like when they talk about like a 10:31 start-up well things like you're going 10:33 really white so we're going to like to 10:36 order like your products going to like 10:39 so the products are globally to every 10:41 single country but now like the 10:43 situation has totally changed so we have 10:45 to instead of going really why we have 10:47 to go really deep so like we have to 10:49 actually spend the money in the red spot 10:51 instead of like you're trying to like 10:53 conquer everything that's the situation 10:57 the problem where are you put your money 11:00 Roger 11:00 where do I put my money I believe in the 11:03 current situation obviously many of the 11:05 customers are in the Rick's risk-averse 11:08 situation right they tend to look at 11:10 things in a different perspective of 11:11 medical vat19 situation so if I have to 11:14 do things and as currently I'm planning 11:16 for my company to invest all the 11:18 possible resources into one thing and 11:20 I'm a firm believer for the fact that a 11:22 good product can sell itself now saying 11:25 that we shouldn't do business 11:26 development now saying that we shouldn't 11:27 go on coke all people but I think the 11:30 core value of any business in the 11:32 strengths that is able to elaborate is 11:35 through its good product so if I have to 11:38 choose in the current situation I'll 11:39 rather do one thing really well instead 11:41 of going really wide on different tasks 11:43 similar to what Tony's said about just 11:46 now well see how things 11:48 Phenix I think it's totally new life and 11:52 new change for me it's totally different 11:54 with what I stay in the university so 11:58 and our goals is a to be the investor of 12:01 the beautiful life so this is a new 12:03 change for me to how to feel and 12:05 peaceful life and how we can change the 12:07 peaceful life is sounds very 12:09 inspirational Cecilia would that be a 12:14 good line already for your mini video 12:16 yeah invest in abuse live so tell me 12:25 more about how you are fitting in I 12:27 guess throughout University I've tried 12:30 out a few different industries and 12:31 careers and when I actually got my 12:34 full-time offer I felt a bit lost so I 12:38 kind of wanted to look for what's the 12:40 actual meaning of life guys that laughs 12:45 and I realized the thing that's change 12:49 me the most is education and I also 12:51 acknowledge that I've been lucky enough 12:53 to have that access to education where 12:56 many people don't and so for me I want 12:59 to do my bits and make education more 13:01 accessible for everybody so that's why 13:04 and I've been part of the mentor and 13:06 mentee ship as well as using social 13:08 media as a way to advance to break 13:12 identity wilderness you see wilderness 13:14 you see yeah yeah yeah 13:21 that's why I've been part of the social 13:24 enterprise where there's going to be 80 13:26 mentors who are helping as many mentees 13:28 as possible who's I'm just part of the 13:30 big game Congrats 13:32 I'm also Peter yeah I heard you are also 13:35 in the investment bank or on your way 13:37 there yeah well we're there we actually 13:40 started work from 9:00 a.m. every day to 13:43 like 4:00 a.m. probably and that and 13:47 then go sleep and start late 13:49 did you like it no it's not around I 13:55 mean I don't I don't quite like it but I 13:57 have to accept it and because that's the 14:01 job I choose that's what I have to do 14:03 what's it for then for helping great 14:06 companies grow for for for the for my 14:10 dream come true 14:11 to do that to help like Green US 14:14 companies to enter Chinese market - 14:17 that's how like finance do you know when 14:20 I look at you and hearing your stories I 14:23 feel inspired but at the same time I do 14:26 have empathy toward where you are today 14:30 Jesse before we sat down you are telling 14:33 me about your last night's conversation 14:36 yeah going back to Ground Zero almost in 14:41 a way so tell me more about that yeah 14:44 like we were sitting there yesterday 14:45 we're talking about this year's our 14:49 marketing it's like everything gonna 14:53 have to start over because the previous 14:56 business model for us it's not exist 14:59 anymore because of the epidemic how come 15:04 we are because everybody is doing social 15:06 distancing with each other and we cannot 15:09 do the the former our business model to 15:12 sell our product I know one major 15:15 problem for 15:17 the overseas thing right now is they 15:18 cannot get off China or they cannot get 15:21 back to China right now because of the 15:23 travel beds so were still trying to 15:27 figure out what's the best solutions for 15:29 us but that's a dilemma for all of the 15:33 companies and all of the young students 15:35 they cannot get back to their family or 15:37 they have huge trouble with their visas 15:40 that is with their graduation with their 15:44 internship a lot of problems fall of us 15:47 so it's probably the most challenging 15:50 it's time for Chinese international 15:52 students it's so hard yeah 15:55 Tony yeah really hard no like I mean 15:58 like if we were we were sitting here 16:00 last night and we're saying that like 16:02 not only the channels of like apparel 16:04 users but also like the target audience 16:06 cool so in the past we don't move beyond 16:09 anything about international Chinese 16:10 students but the problem is right now 16:13 like your students they are getting 16:15 really hard for them to get back to the 16:17 US or get back to China so we have to 16:20 like extend the target audience group to 16:22 like a whole like University students 16:24 instead of focusing on like your one 16:27 country itself I think I see a lot of 16:29 like a service provider in the industry 16:31 they try to like make some change like 16:33 by the beginning of this year but like 16:36 you're now like not only for us but for 16:38 a whole industry it's been like it's so 16:40 hard we have to kinda redo everything so 16:42 your outreach is already there very 16:45 grounded but now that has totally 16:47 changed 16:48 Roget right I I will I will agree the 16:51 fact that the way we do business were 16:53 even the way we interact as people has 16:55 revolutionized in the past couple of 16:56 months and of course that's been 16:58 difficult so I try to find time to cry 17:00 but in the meantime in the meantime I 17:03 understand that let's together time to 17:06 cry but barely barely but I I don't show 17:08 in front of people in this time is it 17:12 provides the opportunity for 17:13 self-reflection so if you can't go out 17:15 and and get the money that you want then 17:17 you put yourself in the position where 17:19 you redesign your product and you think 17:21 of the thing that Plan B's and plan sees 17:24 in order to counter the future I 17:25 expected 17:27 and I think in that way you can find I 17:29 try to find inner peace in a way knowing 17:32 that I shall have the best product so 17:34 when the Albertini doesn't rise and when 17:36 the cycle does go goes up when when it 17:38 hits rock bottom and I'll see the 17:40 opportunity that I that I deserve so 17:42 that's how I make peace with it right 17:44 the three of you are entrepreneurs so 17:46 are you right so see the entrepreneur 17:49 social entrepreneur exactly so what 17:51 about the business that you are in right 17:53 now I would assume extremely competitive 17:55 it's obviously in the media industries 17:57 really saturated and within the charity 18:00 landscape the capital is pretty dry but 18:02 what we can do is to link the two things 18:04 together using medias the means being 18:06 able to promote information and being 18:09 able to break down the information 18:10 barriers as a way to do the social 18:13 enterprise I can feel how you're 18:15 pitching your project we very much 18:18 I mean it's a good project yeah oh it 18:20 sounds good what about for the to love 18:22 you I mean they are starting their own 18:25 businesses but the two of you are 18:27 joining a company you know I think the 18:30 challenge is the same but of different 18:33 nature so tell me more about that 18:35 challenge that part the most difficult 18:38 challenge for me was still paying the 18:40 crew and I had to be the one to fit in 18:43 their atmosphere and they're working you 18:47 know schedules their way of doing out 18:51 things and that's the difficult part for 18:54 me I think which part 18:56 as a student I have my free time to do 19:00 things that that I like I have to play 19:01 basketball you know electronic music but 19:06 as investment banker you have to work 19:09 all day long and yeah and they're 19:12 working off most various like ii just 19:16 working hard no play hard you know you 19:18 don't have the time to play hard and 19:20 that's the that's the difficult part for 19:22 me to get adjusted 19:23 Phenix i remember seeing your photo in 19:27 your friend circle you are in those you 19:30 know jumping suit in a way medical 19:32 jumping suit and big suitcase in the 19:36 hand coming back to china and you said 19:39 finally am back 19:41 obviously you were looking forward to a 19:43 new life a new starting point but how is 19:46 that starting point fitting you right 19:48 now so after I come back I think the 19:51 better way it's just a get into a new 19:54 company to start a new life because of 19:56 University and who the college life is 19:58 just so very different very different 20:01 so how Chi is a work with our College 20:05 how can work with my boss how can learn 20:07 from the process totally different with 20:10 me and other people Peter and has given 20:13 up basketball at least for now 20:16 yeah what about You Felix I keep out the 20:21 clumpy good K out the study if I start a 20:26 new study study difference 20:28 [Music] 20:36 nice to hear all of your stories 20:38 reminds me also of my you know 20:41 graduation days and my typical they are 20:44 feeding into the society but at the same 20:46 time you enjoying an exhilarating trip 20:47 in a way right having said that though 20:51 you know I grew up during the 1980s and 20:56 90s and I feel my life it's like going 21:00 up all the time and the world is getting 21:02 ever bigger for me but you guys when you 21:06 were born the world is already very open 21:08 up to you and you've got the best 21:10 opportunity for education again now just 21:13 when you start your career the world has 21:17 become more divided and the doors are 21:20 closed this is totally different from I 21:23 guess the logic of your educational 21:27 years so how does that work for you are 21:30 you struggling with this I am struggling 21:32 with this Tony yeah like yeah I mean you 21:36 have to be really good in the past I 21:38 mean like all the people like when they 21:40 think about doing business they they're 21:42 all like trying to find opportunities 21:43 for example like people are saying that 21:46 copy form kind of hobby form America in 21:48 the past but now like they're like each 21:51 country's people are doing they're like 21:53 on jobs instead of like extending of 21:55 business globally though so like in like 21:58 if you want to like leave work while 22:00 like you have to actually be super good 22:02 be a pro in the industry and you're 22:04 because it's so competitive so 22:06 competitive yeah you have to compete 22:08 with like all the tycoons like every 22:11 single day and I mean that part is like 22:13 much harder compared to the past I mean 22:15 your business part of it 22:17 Alibaba is also covering that area yeah 22:20 are you saying Tony let me compete with 22:23 you Jack Ma we are where they're 22:26 competing though like yeah I mean like a 22:28 leap a enter into the market this year 22:30 like three months ago and by that's how 22:33 I'm like we fell like a big pressure 22:35 though and you could tell like all the 22:38 team members they are like your kind 22:40 worried even like anxious about the 22:42 conversation but like in my perspective 22:45 actually like commutation did not only 22:48 bring the harmful things but also like a 22:51 bring the like a more of you exactly 22:55 like they they were motivate the whole 22:56 team though so you know it used to be so 22:59 cool let's have an entrepreneurship 23:01 right hmm but now it's about survival 23:04 yeah every day Roger I I'm a strong 23:08 believer of business cycles believing 23:11 that every fifteen to twenty years the 23:14 cycle goes up and down and there's new 23:16 opportunities being come across during 23:18 these cycles and III tend to look at the 23:21 current situation has the market not 23:23 being lethargic but more so more mature 23:27 more educated market where the consumers 23:31 are confronted with similar products but 23:34 with the different edge in the sense 23:37 that drives us being the the product 23:39 creator to to to listen more to the 23:43 customers and then to do more 23:45 self-reflection in a way so that we can 23:47 we can out-compete others or even to 23:50 even to occupy a very minimum share of 23:53 the market but I understand having a 23:55 broader picture I think it creates a 23:56 great opportunity for us to be getting 23:58 more more mature after graduation facing 24:00 all the obstacles and hurdles I think it 24:04 is only opportunity to us because to be 24:06 honest we have nothing to lose at this 24:08 very moment very very that's the other 24:11 side of this picture right that's a 24:13 brighter picture right exactly think 24:15 about what's on how you look at it right 24:17 right and that's important how you look 24:19 at it general it's acedia yeah for sure 24:21 I guess obviously we're Carly in an era 24:23 of globalization right and for me 24:27 initially I was part of initiative that 24:29 does fundraising in London and helps 24:32 Asian women and to be well asian girls 24:34 to be able to access education but 24:37 currently if you look at situation UK 24:39 who's got that spare cash 24:41 people are facing and unemployment all 24:44 these difficulties so at this situation 24:46 you got to pick your own fights right 24:48 what's the most important to me and 24:49 what's actually feasible so I guess 24:51 where I find the most belonging is in my 24:54 own country in China and who I relate to 24:56 the most is the maybe the village of 24:59 girls in China and so I've changed jog 25:02 Rafi and that's why I still do it oh yes 25:04 the coronavirus has put international 25:06 barriers up but because of the internet 25:08 allows you to be able to migrate from 25:10 one daughter fee to another 25:12 mm-hmm and so of course there's going to 25:14 be difficulties and there are but its 25:17 ability to work with what you have and 25:19 how you can adapt to the markets and 25:21 utilizing combining different sources 25:24 and tools together to achieve the end so 25:26 it's a process earlier to explore about 25:29 the outside world now it's a process of 25:31 exploring what you have back at home yes 25:34 I think one a very unique point for me 25:37 to get back to China and start of our 25:40 own business is that I can actually 25:42 learn from my team in China and my 25:46 colleagues what was different cultural 25:49 background when I come back China I'm 25:52 not surprised that people in my company 25:56 they're like really different walks of 26:00 life people are from like different 26:02 cultural backgrounds many of us they 26:04 never get the opportunity to travel 26:07 outside of China but we're together 26:09 working on our same tasks and we share 26:12 our same mission ambition and it's very 26:15 intriguing for me because I get a chance 26:19 to really know about China to know about 26:21 different groups of Chinese that's 26:24 that's I don't have that opportunity 26:26 when I was in America so if you're 26:29 friends you know who used to be your 26:31 classmates or roommate asked you so what 26:34 about China this sounds like a very 26:37 simple question isn't it I mean so many 26:39 people ask us all that all the time but 26:41 now I guess it's a very different way of 26:44 King out this question so what about 26:45 China what would you say to them I would 26:49 say we are trying to let the world know 26:53 more about China because in the process 26:56 of China's rising we need more people to 26:59 understand China and the world to engage 27:02 in this process and that's the first 27:04 thing 27:05 Chinese we're welcoming and second is 27:06 China is very diverse because we have 27:09 what Beijing or Shanghai of Hangzhou is 27:13 very right develop the regions but we 27:16 also have many bridges that are 27:18 relatively unprivileged what the country 27:22 size we have the deep mountain and 27:25 diverse regions the diversity we got a 27:29 lot to explore even for Chinese we got a 27:32 lot to explore and then I would say 27:36 China is how to say China will be more 27:42 and more active in the international 27:46 society will shoulder more 27:48 responsibilities around the goal because 27:51 somebody will see the Potomac as a 27:54 beginning of the globalization but half 27:56 hour opposite opinion I would say it's 28:01 also a great opportunity for China to be 28:05 more open and to share more with the 28:08 world because we are seeing that China 28:10 is sharing they're sharing our 28:13 experience of containing the virus we 28:16 are sharing our RMD about the vaccine 28:19 we're sharing were donating medical 28:24 supplies protective masks to all of the 28:27 countries that's what we didn't do a lot 28:30 before the pandemic but it's a great 28:33 start for China to do it right now we 28:35 are taking more responsibility we're 28:36 starting to taking the lead as a 28:40 responsible country you know because 28:43 China is trying to make sure the border 28:46 are safe at this point of a pandemic and 28:49 therefore people the number of them be 28:52 able to come back will be limited 28:54 however they're enormous 28:56 numbers of the Chinese overseas students 28:59 who want to come back and join their 29:00 family during a difficult time so here 29:03 comes a difficult choice Roger I have 29:07 seen all the facts and then I've read 29:08 news and there are certainly criticisms 29:10 about China in the past couple month but 29:13 I tend to look at things in the brighter 29:14 side we are more more so becoming a 29:17 center stage in the international stage 29:18 what we do well how we behave in 29:20 international behavior in the natural 29:23 circumstances determines a lot of the 29:25 actions of the other countries tend to 29:27 do things like you can't completely 29:29 blame our China for not having people 29:31 coming back United Airline Kenzo there 29:33 there flies first among all the airlines 29:36 and many of the international flights 29:38 canceled even before the outbreak of 29:39 cholera virus so I think what we're 29:42 doing here is that although many of the 29:45 blame are not landing upon us we decided 29:48 to step step up and take on the plane 29:50 and saying that it is our responsibility 29:52 being a great nation at all to help 29:54 those who are in need and especially 29:56 there are all Chinese citizens and I 29:58 think it is a slow process it's a 30:00 meandering process but I think we're 30:02 making good efforts we say Robertson 30:05 sorry in China so you're not worried 30:06 although I'm here many of my family 30:09 members of still oversea and many of my 30:11 enduring friends are still overseas so I 30:13 I do worry about from time to time 30:15 knowing the fact that there's only a 30:17 limited amount of flights coming home 30:19 but at the same time right if you look 30:22 at it in a macro perspective while we 30:24 are now being able to transfer transport 30:26 them back to China we're shipping tons 30:29 and tons of medical supplies using the 30:31 biggest planes that we ever possibly 30:33 could acquire to support those who are 30:35 in need when I was in college I was a 30:37 part of the student organization called 30:40 CSS day the China student scholar 30:41 Association and I'm being constant 30:44 contact wisdom lately and knowing the 30:46 fact that they with collaborations with 30:49 the embassies in Washington DC 30:52 they have shipped out more than 10,000 30:55 supplies of medical supplies masks and 30:58 anti anti virus wipes - who - the 31:02 students who are still on campus so 31:04 there are absolutely efforts being made 31:05 and the media tend to focus on the 31:08 negatives 31:09 because that's where the story comes 31:10 from but if you have come down to the to 31:13 a personal contact to the personal 31:15 connection of things you've seen their 31:17 enormous effort being made so silly I 31:19 think it's true and I think what we need 31:21 to remember is that these are 31:22 unprecedented times we're going to use 31:26 the similar strategy to solve everything 31:28 so I think both in terms of China and 31:31 different organisation on the world 31:32 we're trying our best I'm moving at the 31:34 fast speed as we can and there will be 31:36 learning curves but whenever something 31:38 like this happen again we will be better 31:39 to fight the battle mm-hmm Peter yeah 31:43 definitely I I totally agree with Roger 31:45 and also I actually just got back from 31:49 UK at an end after of the join and that 31:56 was a hard trip but I totally understand 31:58 what's the situation 32:00 I would rather like trust so like in 32:03 different situation you have to trust 32:05 like all the people in the right 32:06 position making the right like at 32:09 decisions and that will make everyone 32:11 life much easier though so stop 32:13 questioning just like your own heart but 32:16 what you have learned on University 32:18 campus it's about critical thinking yeah 32:21 you are saying stop questioning I mean 32:23 like this goes against at least 32:25 superficially what you learned not quite 32:28 the same though like he's all like any 32:29 more about that if you're only thinking 32:31 about yourself then like you everything 32:34 like you you will start like your play 32:36 more like your question other like 32:37 decisions well like if you think you're 32:41 will the whole problems in the level of 32:43 the whole country that actually will 32:45 change a lot of yourself so you have to 32:48 actually position yourself in the right 32:50 spot I feel like all the decisions will 32:53 make the reasons well you're a 32:55 struggling many of our peers in the US 32:57 or in the UK are also struggling in a 32:59 different way about different issues you 33:02 saw the demonstrations black lives 33:04 matter how do you make of those things 33:06 that are happening parallel to your life 33:10 here Roger 33:12 there are two things I like to throw how 33:13 is the first is social social certainty 33:17 also at the same time phrase 33:19 change right and there's a with the 33:21 situation would be facing all around the 33:23 world changes definitely had to be made 33:25 rather it is pushed by the people war is 33:27 it legislations or other related areas 33:29 so looking at social stability because 33:33 purely in constant fear and constant 33:34 panic I think it was a natural reaction 33:36 in addition to that I think social 33:39 changes is how the entire society move 33:42 forward and because just and also 33:45 because people are saying at home not 33:47 having many things to do and our 33:48 employments I record-high they were able 33:51 to have this time for self-reflection no 33:53 thinking about what could the society to 33:55 be better I'm at the same time me being 33:57 a part of the society what can I do more 33:59 of course Eredar that violence being 34:01 involved but but that that's just a sigh 34:04 politics of changes okay right now the 34:08 the whole humanity is facing three major 34:11 challenges the first is a topic 34:13 challenge and then the second is social 34:16 turbulence as you said and the third one 34:19 is the downwards of economy these are 34:24 challenges shared by all humankind 34:26 although is probably safer and a more 34:31 peaceful in China but all of us should 34:34 also have to empathy to the other parts 34:38 where people are suffering because we 34:43 are all part of this this bigger 34:46 community I'm sure you have much better 34:49 idea about how things are but I'm 34:51 struggling every day that you know what 34:53 we have learned over the years probably 34:56 even decade about you know globalization 34:58 about everybody has equal opportunities 35:01 about you know diversity about freedom 35:06 and are these just preaching of ideas to 35:11 us or are these like real fundamental 35:16 values that we should all no matter 35:19 under what circumstances should strive 35:22 for you know at a time of survival 35:25 people show their true colors 35:29 either it's rock-bottom or it's pretty 35:33 inspiring I don't know what you think 35:37 about that but I'm struggling with it so 35:40 see I did i express myself clearly I 35:42 think there's a lot of nuances to unpack 35:45 and globalization definitely came with 35:48 its own agenda I think on the road to 35:53 more equality and being able to produce 35:57 opportunities for people from different 35:59 geographies different backgrounds that's 36:01 an endless journey and so I actually 36:04 believe every change what witnessing 36:07 right now is going to create a better 36:09 future whether that's in public health 36:11 emergency responses and as you were 36:13 mentioning the black life matters 36:14 movement is a deep inequality that 36:17 happens I'm sure everyone here when 36:19 we're studying internationally with face 36:21 races experiences right and so it's 36:25 something that we've been part of and 36:27 now in some ways obviously I don't 36:28 promote violent protests but I think 36:31 these changes are happening you're good 36:32 and and eventually it will bring a 36:35 better outcome 36:36 I hope so Peter yeah definitely they all 36:40 say we have lots of control over you 36:42 know people during the time but when the 36:46 epidemic happens china was actually the 36:48 quickest and the first country to 36:51 control the epidemic but even us people 36:55 are fighting for their freedom they 36:58 don't want to self isolating their whole 37:00 and they don't want to you know 37:03 information track about their about 37:06 their locations but when that happened 37:08 we can see in the US that that rate is 37:11 really high right now and the the damage 37:13 is really hard to control so that 37:16 actually leads me to think about what 37:19 the democracy or the communist that 37:21 remains I'm not sure whether that equals 37:23 to a communism or democracy 37:28 maybe it's relevant in the way what's 37:31 your plan let's just say over the rest 37:35 of this year Roger for short-term calls 37:38 just stay alive right 37:39 at the same time it's definitely 37:42 uncertain times so what I'm trying to do 37:44 is to enjoy failure and try to learn 37:46 something from it so when the next time 37:48 when the cycle goes down once again I 37:51 think I'll be ready for the rest of my 37:52 life 37:53 isn't he a sunshine gentleman well I'm 37:56 just trying to put that positive energy 37:58 out there going even like nowadays when 38:01 we start up the business like my like 38:04 original like your dream job was like a 38:06 becoming teacher though so I want to 38:08 actually influence more people helping 38:10 more people like and students though so 38:12 I feel like all my team members as my 38:14 students so like it for the next year or 38:16 two like I want to actually need more 38:19 students like they most of them choose 38:22 our company as they are forces stopped 38:24 right after graduation and I know how 38:26 much it means to them so I have to 38:29 actually change the moment and helping 38:32 them more yeah cherish the moment you're

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