Tuesday, April 14, 2020

david can i intro you to marta- maybe there is an uniquely timely intersection between your passions- i met david around 1994 when he was leader of one of top 3 business schools in uk offering worlds first chair in global branding- 20 years of practical work as a statistician advising corporations on their biggest brands had led me to pioneering/publishing new genre searching out most purposeful organisations and partnership architectures in world- unfortunately the faclulty wanted an academic but david an engineer and i maintained interest in exponential risks something that to this day is not modelled and mediated correctly- if it was there would be no virus- i met marta 3 years ag on madrid and the qatar at wise education laureate summits founded around my greatest hero www.fazleabed.com of brac- back then marta was head of experiential learning at american intl school in barcelona- in recent months she has moved to starting up https://www.winwinconnection.org/copia-de-consulting -david you can see she has already started up some university and society action projects-do the two of you have time to chat to see if there is someting you are both prioritising over next 12 months- i had expected by now to be in vienna being briefed on the most urgent projects of ban ki-moon's first action year of www.gca.org- whats differnt abour climate adaptability is it has specific corporate leaders asking for research costing risk to their operations of not leadind some specific green issue; i also know the head of bbc studios responsible for marketing all of david attenboroughs work including end plastic in ocean movements- however none of these movements were prepared for a year or more of no travel and community action projects being suspended- just as we were counting last 10 years of sdgoals every timeline is blocked- good luck to all of us! at a global level i am profiling the 100 world record jobs creators whose knowhow i wish every student had open experiential access to at www.masterclass100.com hundreds of local links mapped

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