Tuesday, November 2, 1999

ammauni - help celebrate amma.org and amrati university
In 2015, our 44th year since first debating in The Economist whether elders of the pre-digital age would be up to designing education millennials need to be sustainable and to enjoy wonderful livelihoods, we have been led to believe byWomen4Empowerment that alumni and partners of amma may be leading the top 10 partnerships of open learning that values millennials across every country
if you are an alumni of amma we always like to co-share news of your next actions; lead partners were last reviewed by UNai July 7 2015 - some of our notes on whos amma who are at these bookmarks 1 2
in 2014 our top new find was the opne learning campus being designed around millenial foolowers of jim kim , paul farmer, poper francis and others (across americas, rome and catholics as the largest socially accountable identity) who help millennials tahe on sustainability transformations through the POP (Preferantial Option Poor)
in 2013 our hope was that China, brac and the elarning satellite yazmi would come together in celebrating education as the greatst way to empower development
in 2012 we were hioping that south african poartnbers of taddy blecher and mandela extranet's million jobs curricukum woulkd linking through every african ihub
we continue to believe that education is the only optimistic rational model of economics designed around maximnising ineteractions of 7.25 billion peoples livelihoods
we love to hear fro you any time if you are search a similar map to ours
economistuniversity 1 2 amychina.net
linkedin 9500
waahington dc mobile 240 316 8157
macrae family - chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com
online library of norman macrae--

help worldcitizen.tv and www.erworld.tv (home of Economist Entrepreneurial Revolution curriculum of coming net generation published 1972-191 in The Economist) with joyful 2030now triangularistions of millennials- coming soon from 4000 times worldwide communications databank

Development greatest
miracle 2nd half 20th C Japan China Bangladesh

Korea Rome Budapest cultures open society

boston haiti rwanda where youth demand 6th grade community health lit

s.africa, india, bangladesh - maharishi, mandel and mahatma-montessori -vocational education missing 7th grade curricula

bangladesh kenya LA women4empowerment social credit first 20 years of leapfrogging

indonesia philippines peru - POP cultures undercover youth economics networks

we invite different future modellers to permanently adopt a 2010s month of this blog www.economistfuture.com - months in the 2000s diarise mainly what millennials might want to question from:
first 70 years of muhammad yunus
86 years of norman macrae, The Economists end poverty futurist
and others economists who took keynes hippocratic oath to be responsible for future sustainability (see last chapter of Keynes General Theory to know all about that exponential duty)

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