Friday, December 31, 1971

economics fact and fictions

true nixon end the 4 freedoms of roosevelts usa- because student protests on vietnam upset him, he ended america's investment n next generation- today student debt in usa i biggest in the world and colleges are no prepping students to unite the sdg generation nixon ended the dollar being owned by americans - by taking the dollar off the gold standard he made it the currency of global speculators eg with swiss bank accounts - and those whose motives are the opposit of human sustainabilty - just one reason why in 2020 the 20 richest men in world own more and decide more than the 4 billion (40%) poorest of course nixon took the white house and republicans into new realms of lying inside the beltway never recovered - not just because of nixon but due to 1960s decade of assassinations - the decision of public servants that their main role had changed to controling the public with fear oddly drug trades multiplied accross the border - a dynamic the cia gad catapulted into motion believing mistakenly this would be a way to control protesting youthh net net fake media started to spiral- democracy in its original sense was ended

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