Sunday, June 7, 2020

because dad had served in world war 2, as teenager navigating air planes over modernday myanmar/bangladesh- dad followed the un fro his desk at the economist and likeminded friends

two things were needed as soon as possible- the largest economies needed to get back to production but as soon as this was in motion they needed to help design world trades that went beyond the colonial age designed for a few empires to advance and most of the world's people to remain undeveloped eg without access to electricity grids

new technologies should be identified so that post-colonial was sustained by post-industrial win-wins

in under 15 years 4 transformative possibilities had been identified

two although american in origin fascinated japan in particular because it could see how it could help all asians - over 60 of the world win-win with them
1 demings better way of producing engines
2 village knowhow netwrking- borlaug's crop science aplied to rice could deliver a billion people from the risks of famine
3 von neumann developed progamable computer and a few years later alumni ogordon moore committed to innovating 100 times more analytical capability of silicon chips every decade until 2020s wen 1 dollar chip would theoertically have more analytic capability than the human brain
4 connectivity of the telecoms satellite - which meant that early21st c humans would be mobile connected from alll over earth

extra note 3 - many of east europe's and the world's best mathematicians had emigrated to usa in 1930s including einstein and von neumann- amongst his many invention einstein developed a maths of systems, that there is always more to innovarte than an's science can see- namley by modeling interctions at more detale micro level that had previously been assumed possible

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