Sunday, May 17, 2020

dear gifford - marta sent me message that she is super excited to rehearse with you how her 10+ years of school wide practice of experiential learning in barcelona american international school has drawn on being inspired ny intrapreneurship  The Pinchot Perspective has been rather consistent for several generations. The rational greatest good for the greatest number in the long run cohabits strangely with a less rational but equally powerful reverence for nature, equality and adventure.

i think it could be best if the two you talk at the time agreed ie 10 pacific time- if there are common ways forward maybe we could then set up a whatsapp three way message space if you use whatsapp 

unless i hear otherwise i will leave the two of you to have the first conversation but maybe check in about half an hour later- i will be around if there are any real time issues''

27th decade of human and machine started by adam smith and james watt glasgow university 1760

at the start of the year 2020 i thought there were going to be 4 real events - glasgow cop 26 november, 75th BIRTHDAY UNga new york september, lots of connections with ban ki moon and culturally in vienna, as well as year of japan on the world stage the one country were my father's trade connections are still celebrated- all have gone- and the next 6 months in america are drowning in the double chaos of virus without data and trump electioneering without transparency of how entrepreneurial and communal can survive

so i am refocusing on who is using zoom, and doing a lot of research of all the people who are accepting george soros urgent challenge to unite sdg graduates and teachers across borders- i can send quite a lot of detailed data on that if relevant. jan 2020 world economic forum soros announces OSUN first 20 coalition
to be coordinated by his neighbor and 40 year long vice chancellor of brad ny state leon botstein - botstein is also conductor of a new york philharmonic orchestra and over 20 years ago authored jeffersons children a call for radical changes to high schools as well as college purpose

i am not sure if you both had the education chapter of dad any my 1984 book on changes needed to 2025- ironically the smooth transition of edutech we hoped for hasnt happened but now the virus has put every educator in zoom world- it seems the only soros partner ready for this was asu arizona state- i am trying to find connections there

i havent yet seen best practices of how different institutions share deepest experiential curricula either in soros first 20 coalition or elsewhere- would love to know if intrapreneurship is accessible openly as a curriculum in way that maximises your purpose- however again i expect marta is able to ask that in a more practical way than i 

 in a form that aims to make dads top 20 surveys simpler to compare side by side-
in spite of the fact that romano prodi translated dads 1976 entrepreneurial revolution into
italian the bottom up scaling of small enterprise value chains has got completely lost
- one sad accident from my viewpoint is bill drayton read dads article in 1976- coined 
social entrepreneur ashoka in 1978 - says it was inspired by dad but its system designs
have no relationship to the exponentials my father intended- as well as usa, this has been particularly
misunderstood in india and latin america- 2 regions drayton has most cultural influence in- 
after 15 visits to bangladesh i can report that 50 years work until his death last december is in the entrepreneurial revolution benchmark of empowering poorest women to end poverty precisely because every model coalitions around fazle abed uses are as dynamic system maps and in metrics audited different than draytons coalitions or even jeff skoll's- the two times i have met marta were at wise summits madrid, qatar- wise began by first lady of qatar sheikha moza round alumni of fazle abed and moza's interest in new universities and refugee education- she is on guterres main sdg committee SDG Advocates -gifford do you know any of these eminents?

best chris +1 240 316 8157

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

 awful lot of BIG BUT DISCONNECTED ideas circulating as well as 3 zooms on india i have participated in which left me more confused than ever on whats happening locally- some questions

1 have you heard of these GFEL people in mail below- it seems the organisers are mainly from india- their first summit was in dubai last year - short video enclosed their next one in las vegas december - i am struggling where, when will the first live summit happen- i would love to know what becomes vienna first summit 

2 i have been to several soros sponsored zooms- there is no consistency between his partners on who they see as their expert circle in india- the economist see different people than the practice experts in different goals - anna mentioned she might know someone on his financial fund side who represents india context- happy to share the different india experts i have come across in soris sponsored zooms- i do think what matters is who the head of central european university knows- do you already know michael ignatieff PRES CEU  1  - i am not sure if he is in vienna or still in budapest

3 health obviously matters locally all over the world- i would like to know if the two of you already have your preferred bottom up health connector in india who is that- if not how do we work out if the batra family fit what you need

4 do you know the people at global salzburg- 4 weeks ago their co-sponsorship of the first wise-qatar virtual summit put them in the middle of all 8 years of wise connections- they claimed they will be hosting part 2 zoom in about 5 weeks

5 my understanding though i am sure you know more is ban ki moon has at least 3 interests- a youth world citizen curriculum co-led by former president of austria; climate adaptability research partners; what would have been connections of olympics and other sorts of arts/fashion heroes- are you connected with any of the 3 different teams each of these foci gravitate around him  - what seems critical is will any of these 3 curricula intersect with what vienna students at ceu do or not?

-almost each week there is new madness in usa- i cant work out which national leader does modi believe he needs most - if he is depending on trump then the chaos is going to keep multiplying to november- trump is hiding real data from american peoples - and he has no consistency in his own global leadership partners- if both modi and trump have no consistency its going to be very hard to help peoples in india or in usa til end of year- hopefully austria and eg switzerland will turn out to be consistent in moving climate health and other sdgs along- a huge black hole - i havent yet found out if the un has plan b - ie if the 75th annual get together cant happen in new york september- will they zoom or will guterres just keep everything close to his chest- he knows anything important he tries to put on world sage trump will snipe down-in effect we look like losing at least 2 years on sdgs at a time when we had just discovered there was no real finance of them capable of being on time- the virus has put at least some goals back another 5 years unless by a miracle some countries start transfering their budgets for arms to budgets for health

Saturday, May 2, 2020

not sure that the world has ever seen as sudden a change as the virus- who's writing about our future now eg