ED: help AIverygood.com choose 1000 human intels that millennials transformed ed system needs to trust first
in search of world's most valuable servant leaders
Purpose: through collaborations 1, we aim to explore 3 SYSTEM Mapping Questions more openly than anywhere else:
  • Z: what did keynes mean by increasingly only a handful of economists rule over what futures are possible?
  • Y: if keynes is right how do teachers and students study ethical economists/professions most concerned with sustaining every next child born
  • XX: can millennials superstar influencers partner those empowering younger half of world to be first sustainable generation?
    1BillionGirls wish to thank AB-ed & AdamS & EBangla and invite you to play the Collaboration Games
  • ......................... regarding urgent big Qs:- please tell us links to better answers than we have yet found rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk youthmarkets.com linkedin UNwomens..


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     -womensverse.net asks who's where helping youth's sustainability - dc geneva olympics22 Sg - x vN Net Bang NY SV Ja Gla .IS HK sea -


    Monday, December 23, 2019

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