Monday, December 2, 2019

[5:58 AM, 12/1/2019] Chris Macrae: it turns out bangladesh has become an epicentre for global adaptability to climate ban-ki moon brac u gates netherlands and china- announced at last weekends speech and here - india coordinate may be Shri C.K Mishra Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, India
[7:41 AM, 12/2/2019] Chris Macrae: dear unni -could i have a firts meeting with you on wed or thurs- what i's like to do is share quick browse through hundreds of slides so that i can index what you most want to exchange system solutions to -at one level from my fathers friends I have a library which assumes these were 3 main purposes of 2030 versus 1946 1 end poverty by developing every community as thriving space for next gorl or boy to grow 2 love each others peoples diversities of trade so that6 we can go from 8 empires of 1946 to 200 bordered nations to what i9f mans global and natures are to win-win??? 3 look a decade ahead- whats priority of 100 times "moore" tech ecah of the 7 decades 5g 2020s 4g 2010s 1g 1980s 0g 1970s moon race 1960s - eg because of demings better engineering japan …
[7:41 AM, 12/2/2019] Chris Macrae: in addition to this library i can think of a few exercises but you may have beetetr ones
[7:42 AM, 12/2/2019] Chris Macrae: who are examples of top 20 worldrecord jobs creators of 20202s and how do their purposee networks comp-are with possible indian leaders whether that is tata relaince infosys or whomever you are wondering about
[7:43 AM, 12/2/2019] Chris Macrae: what cases do we know of a pserson who has gond througth transformation each of last 6 decades and how does that connect with their fakily tree bacj through several generations - fazle abed is one case i think i understand
[7:44 AM, 12/2/2019] Chris Macrae: do we have any geo-situations that are most urgent eg - iam concerned hong kong and bangladesh solving each others problems
[7:46 AM, 12/2/2019] Chris Macrae: there is also ur system professional issue - opportunities and threats of media and metrics each decade now, 2010, 2000, 1990. 1980 - my father and i wrote a book on that in 1984 whose timelines remain relevant if sdgs are your framework o0f valuatio

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