Saturday, November 2, 2019

stories of girls will lead sdg generation

Former Shell Ois CEO and Glasgow U graduate of engineering for shipping Fazle Abed (next celebration Ten Cent Yidan Prize Hong KOng 2 Dec 2019) started to live with poorest village communities in Bangladesh from 1970- to 1996 together with chinese village girls (eg the barefoot doctors movement or rice science to end famine) Rural Advancement Village mother networks found the 25 solutions (mainly  SD goals 1 end poverty gto goal 6 sanitation and water ) girls grassroots networks could most develop - eg local health service businesses that prevented infants and mothers dying from lack of knowhow poor nutrition contaminated water.
Tech partners mobile and solar started experimenting Bangladesh from 1996- today fazle abed links largest NGO  hi-trust partnerships in both tech and human networking of girls can linkin planted in time to celebrate winning every SDG race. Can we change education before pessimistic media separates great nations instead of celebrating making every global village "Greta" again. Which networking purpose do you love most - Fazle Abed's or who's

Who is helping (2020s tech eg lets humanise AI) design future so that communities  thrive  everywhere so that wherever the next girl is born she has a good chance at life?

November 2019
New York: I will be with connector of million village children education india at 11am 4/11 so any first clues before then or at that time would be great. I am also on media team of Japan New Yorker Mack who Japan has appointed to celebrate every major sdg world stage with music

This question was my fathers Norman Macrae life work at The Economist after first being a teenager navigating airplanes over modernday Myanmar/Bangladesh, as well as growing up in various embassies including Stalin’s Moscow and a last port Jews used to escape Hitler. Surviving war dad was mentored by Keynes and the same dons that tutored Manmohan Singh a few years later. Through lifetime work at The Economist dad tried to map- and optimistically storytell- how to restart the g7 and then go beyond colonial era so all 200 nations could redesign value chains and map win-win world trade belts and roads to include superports and bullet trains and inner city metros as key to global village networking and continent wide inclusion. More at . Since dad died in 2010 various groups have debriefed ranging from The Economist boardroom to  adam smith scholars in Glasgow to japan embassies in Asia -the japan emperor awarded dad the order of rising sun and dad helped prince Charles and emperor family unite goals
My family and friends want to bring out a card game of 55 people who see 2020s as most exciting times to be alive if transformations in education and finance help youth e the sdg generation starting with 6/10 youth who are Asian

Sam you are mentioned by a lot of people as having been their with different G-leaps in technology to help massively include india and beyond. Apologies never found way to follow up the 2 day Windsor roundtable. I did introduce many youth (franciscans Confucians gandhians damo-inspired luther-king inspired) to diana during first 18 months of sdgs but she didn’t fully understand their needs and then we all got over-Trumped.
 Whose alumni networks can still empower youth to be the sdg generation. Javeed and I meet various people everytime I am in new work from education above all to the Japanese connector of to people at hong kong billionaire’s university ka-shing to a part of unicef that’s focusing only on transformative education models,. When I am back in DC I talk to tutors of schwarzman scholars who (with movements of Bloomberg and Schwab and Prodi) are some of the clues and I am trying to help with some SDG valuation research for tata trust on how they can help, and how does all this interact with fazle abed’s life time partnerships for  girl empowering economies: Ten Cent’s Yidan prize for education is being awarded to Fazle Hong Kong 2 Dec). My maternal grandad sir Kenneth kemp wrote up legalese of india independence after 25 years of mediation with Gandhi a hero of mine and friends from school the attenboroughs. David and BBC have just launched 7 worlds one planet reviewing each continents most critical natural crisis

Can we help those who believe tech empowered youth are every places win-win currency at every tipping point the next few years will hurtle through with AI 5g and all that jazz.

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