Monday, April 8, 2019

The attached map compacts 5 generations of diaspora scots searches
I dont know which parts if any are relevant to any of your, tsinghua or Wang's friends

I am  better with numbers than pictures
But it seems to me before banking on AI  (moores laws one trillion  times more tech 2025 versus 60s moon race) would be wise to newly map human enterprise webs locally and globally

we could explore 200 nations peoples interests/sdGoals not just g7 bureaucrats
we could ask where 2 main coastal belts of digital wizards hub
we could check whether G7 policymakers know how half of world lives in most crowded spaces and whether they truly value girls
we might decide climate wont be sorted unless 198 nations unite to be smarter in mediating usa and russia where most energy is grounded

anyhow if only one of these searches was freed for school children especially girls everywhere to explore and get AI to check big data round it could lead somewhere happier, and japan's new era of harmony and un with jack ma/masa son partnerships have at least 5 opportunities to stage such just-in-time dialogues up to the olympics 2020

I still think that italians and chinese thought the belt road metaphor evoked this education debate everywhere not quarrels over who builds/owns the seas or the shared railroads or am i wrong?

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