Tuesday, December 25, 2018

valuetrue game- aka intangibes valuation - goodwill transparency

valuetrue is dedicated to two 1760s Diaspora Scots who met at Glasgow University and helped explore the future of sustainable economies and engineering - adma smith and james watt
more from future of bbc- 7worlds of attenborough- why did adam smith ask the kings of england to innovate beyond colonising USA or anywhere that people wanted to grow contients instead  of islands

[8:36 AM, 11/3/2019] Chris Macrae: i am fascinated by the context of founders- when they had an insanely great purpose -what they did nit think about was an "exit"- for example the founder of kelloggs believed corn was nutritious he wanted every amerucan to breakfast with nutrition-whether kelloggs kept to that unique organising purpose is a different question
[8:37 AM, 11/3/2019] Chris Macrae: move 1 of game draw a circle -put at least 3 blobs of the right hand circuference,, at least 1 on left- we can add many more
[8:39 AM, 11/3/2019] Chris Macrae: the right hand side is constituencies of demand - eg best investors, best custmers, society
[8:40 AM, 11/3/2019] Chris Macrae: the left hand side is sources of sustainable growth- an exam[ple might be what employee knowledge matters mot to your purspoe- but these days it might also be what big data small platform do you have trust to medite or it might be which college is your best tech partner
[8:41 AM, 11/3/2019] Chris Macrae: so that is mpve 1 round 1 - we can always add more blobs
[8:43 AM, 11/3/2019] Chris Macrae: move 2 for each blob-costituency -what would they uniquely miss if your unique purspoe did not exist? turn that question into what that you operationally deliver will most make or break their trust- so round 2 move 1 ends when you have those trust multipliers and a clear common understanding of leadership purspoe
[8:45 AM, 11/3/2019] Chris Macrae: round 3 - start looking at the constutuencies in paries- which are natural win-wins- which have tensions or conflicts- you can start drawing green lines between win-win pairs- red lines between conflicts- you can also ask which of red lines is most urgent iof you are not to lese your whole purpose
[8:46 AM, 11/3/2019] Chris Macrae: this picture can be turned into an expoential but its maybe more imporant to step back-is there a surprising pattern of red lines- equally important if another person doesn the same exercise is there agreement on where the erds and greens are
[8:49 AM, 11/3/2019] Chris Macrae: one of the ways to score things is to use a scale of 0 to 2 - you can score blobs as 1 if they look averagely health in terms of connecting greens- if they are at centre of a lot of red you should go down even twards zero; if its really all green give the blob 1.1 or 1,2 if its really imporatnt
[8:50 AM, 11/3/2019] Chris Macrae: thos may sound top simple but just this has enabled me to prdeict dozens of corporate olllapses ahed of time while there was still an innovation opportunity
[8:50 AM, 11/3/2019] Chris Macrae: the maths of this indices is multiplicative not additive
[8:52 AM, 11/3/2019] Chris Macrae: taht means if eg your soordinate of trust with society is heding to zero you are likely tipping towrads total collapse expoentially- this assumes transrency of markets- now its true that nons-suatinble places and non-trasparnet markets are connected
[8:53 AM, 11/3/2019] Chris Macrae: manyamerican big banks that subprimed got away with not zeroising but only by ending any chnace of anericans leading education of sdg youth
[8:54 AM, 11/3/2019] Chris Macrae: there is an awful lot more detail exercises that can be farmed- but are you happy with the rules of the game ?
[8:55 AM, 11/3/2019] Chris Macrae: i would of course like brac university to play this game or indeed any school where you know the leader
[8:59 AM, 11/3/2019] Chris Macrae: i hope to findsome travel stories that amitav scholars are exploring where the game can help them note what they are observing- eg the future of water is a metagame- its good that the new japaense emperors mastermind subject is water ever since he studied at oxford; its good that attenboroughs most chatted stoiries are about water- 2003-2005 i was moderating virtual communiteis across europena union and i branded one network water angels- this got me into trouble because the water angels started appearing on front page too much as they wer5e the only thathad something urgent to map every day- also i knew in bruseels the head of intangobels research
[9:01 AM, 11/3/2019] Chris Macrae: in late 2004 he invited me over to linch- bad news chris our funding is being closed- poli9ticains feel peoples dont care about inatangibles- they wont reopen reserach until 2 eyropen enrons happen in the same year
[9:01 AM, 11/3/2019] Chris Macrae: of cpourse when ythe yera of subprime came the lastvthingpoliticains were going to reopen stidy7 of was trustflows and transparent markets

Saturday, December 1, 2018

what curricula could connect sevensisters.info and kingcharles.info

with the un predicting new life critical info will double daily form 2020 its time- to redesign missing curriculum for girls from early childhood up- everyone who is not donald trump knows pre-adolescent girls health is missing currticula especially where last mile needed- now that jim kiim is permiited to work at www.pih.org why cant womens universities mooc real cases and make last mile nursing 10 times less costly tpo gtrain up to

let go beyond @metoo as PR lets get to #medo @obamauni
isnt it time that leaders were judged by what learking curricula their alumni make afflrdable and accessible- what else is all this coms tech for www.tenmoore.com - ask prince charles to join in -after all london olympics main celebration was nursing and www.digitalcoooeration.org is for everyone and charles has world best green media storytellers at BBC  and the world's greatest educator is also starting a new job spet 2019 with celebrations at www.maolympics.com as bdebriefing of all his partners girls livelihood action learning curves 2019-2020

thank heavens for quarter billion chiense girls- they are ta,king in artificial teaching assistants from primary schools up - and every girls teacher should friend them now

shared economies and curricula- would seven sisters be interested in
charles trip advisor to community goods youth can replicate when women value lead

a different reason for sports universityofstars.tv than whatever commercialisation brought from FIFA 200 most corrupted (how to turn not for profit into 200 rich mens swiss bank accountgs) bureaurcats to us gymnastics rapers network

the future of green
architecture and open spaces in cities designed for all the people not subprimed cities designed for cars or for the richest 1%
education for livelihoods and experiential learning economies

other tech project - girls voice must lead boys on if the era of artificial intelligence democracy is to help prevent species extinction
the princes accounting project or how to prevent professions from multiplying harm

BRI.school the reconcilations still needed around the world because of 4 centuries of harm 1500 to world wars  that colonisation spiralled accidentally or not (eg slave trade opium trade )