Sunday, December 31, 1989 herstory of THe Economist

1843 Diaspora Scot James Wilson starts the Economist with the goal of throwing out of houses of parliament (then the empire's metahub of world trade) mps funded by vested interest in causing famine and poverty - ie enemies of sdg goals 1 and 2
as a weekly newsletter which he circulates at royal societies and londons tea houses and clubs where city of london "gentlemen "meet = he succeeds in getting repeal of corn laws but not before up to 20% of people in Ireland Starve- consequence terrorism troubles between ireland and london last for another century and a half

Queen Victoria despatches James to see if he can help end poverty in India- he forms chartered bank but dies 12 month into reaching calcutts of dysentery - 110 years later bangladesh village women and brac's james grant school of health scale oral rehydration so that nobody needs to die of dyssentery again

james grant is succeeded by his son in law walter bagehot- many rate one of the 2 happiest economists england has ever born in parallel to scots wilson and adam smith- for about half a century 3 sisters in the wilson family control the shares of the economist and keep james wilson's purpose growing

the 1943 centeneary autobiography of The Economist describes 100 years of work in mediating end of poverty
meanwhile norman macrae survives world war 2 a s teneager navigating airplanes over modern day bangladesh- after being mentored by keynes he spends nearly half a century at the economist trying his best to celebrate east and west south and north collaborations in ending poverty and applying expoential rising tech to this purspoe

when normanmacrae retires his family start up what becomes 20 co-blogs :

These include following associates of GAMES of worldrecordjobs and asks how do you value future of health services?
 -study WRJ Fazle Abed with staff James Grant School of public health, Paul Farmer  1 2Leana Wen  Bloomberg Health student networks- you tell us - how can help Greta and her generation male planet earth sustainable for the next 10 billion children how can restore celebration of arts to every community and every fashion garment worker as well as the world's superstars- guides include Japanese-global team producing and searchers at sice 2004 launch Indira Gandhi Center

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